Interested in fresh, pesticides-free food grown locally? Try The Path Farm Co-op!

IMG_1658Support Healthy Lifestyles- Naturally Grown Vegetables, No Pesticides

Looking for a local farm co-op to join?

Consider membership with The Path Farm Co-op. Memberships by season (Oct-Mar or Apr-Sept) or monthly (credit card only). Call 352-527-6500, ext 8 for prices, payment options, questions, or to sign up by phone.

The Path Farm Co-op offers your family the opportunity to enjoy a variety of healthy vegetables and greens. Click on the link and scroll down the page to download The Path’s Farm & Co-op brochure and learn more!

Why would your family want to join The Path Farm’s Co-op? Mainly for the freshest vegetables you can buy and to support our community. Most vegetables are harvested within 24 hours of the time you receive them. That means they have less time to lose their flavor and nutritional value. Perhaps for health reasons, no pesticides or preservatives being sprayed on your food is attractive to you. The Path Farm grows naturally using environment-friendly resources– like worm castings, river muck and other nutrient-rich resources to grow tasty, nutritious vegetables.

Supporting The Path’s Farm Co-op means you are helping the men and women at The Path shelter improve their lifestyles. The Path grows, harvests and prepares your co-op basket. All you have to do is pick it up and enjoy.

The vegetables you receive from The Path’s farm will vary in size and appearance during the season, looking and tasting similar to those you would grow in your own home garden. The Path raises vegetables that grow best in this area during the growing seasons, approximately six months– April through the end of September for summer veggies, and October-March for winter veggies. Weather (rain, cold, heat, drought and other seasonal factors) affect a vegetable’s availability so quantity and variety can vary from week to week.

Members receive a basket of locally-grown vegetables on a weekly basis according to whatever is ready for harvest that week. Occasionally, The Path has been able to offer “U Pick It” days: an opportunity for co-op members to pick their own vegetables. The health benefits are well worth the risk! Find out more or enroll by calling 352-527-6500 x8.

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Immediate Volunteer Needs!

You can help The Path and make a difference in the lives of men and women in need of hope. How? Check out these current needs for yourself or a friend:

  • Parenting Coaches– train Path clients in Effective Parenting skills. Very basic from prepared material. Every other Monday night, 1 hour, onsite at The Path.
  • Employment Coaches– train Path clients in Effective Employment Searching. Very basic from prepared material: resumes, online applications, contacting managers for potential jobs & follow-up, how to do a simple interview, appropriate dress to job-search, etc.–plus other program topics as needed. Weekly, Monday nights- 1 hour, 8-week session rotation. Onsite at The Path.
  • Nutrition Coaches– teach Path clients Nutrition Basics using the vegetables they grow at The Path’s farm, teach healthy eating using less fat, salt, sugar & balanced diets– plus any other program topics as needed. Every other Monday night, 1- 1.5 hours onsite at The Path.
  • Alcoholics Victorious Coach for Women– to lead Christian, biblically-based 12-step program for women to promote recovery from broken relationships, destructive habits & addictions of all kinds. Based on the 12-step AA program. Every Tuesday night, 1- 1.5 hours onsite at The Path.
  • Receptionist/Greeters– assist staff at our new office by greeting office guests & directing donations, scheduled handymen, and other requests; light office work & answering phone calls as needed. Generally needed 11am-3pm, week days. Number of days to fit your schedule!
  • Bargain Store Sales Associates at The Path’s Dunnellon Bargain Store on W Pennsylvania- greet customers, ring up cash & credit card purchases, getting clothing tagged & on racks. Currently need teams of 2-3 on Tuesdays or Fridays to cover an 8-hour day (we could stagger the schedules to cover the 8-hour period).
  • Transportation help– Use Path vans to transport clients to ad hoc appointments & other needs. Path Office Manager would contact you in advance with schedule.
  • Food Drive volunteers– help us collect needed items for The Path at scheduled stores one Saturday per month.

Call The Path’s Volunteer Coordinator, Debi Eorgan at 352-527-6500 x9 or email at to let us know if you or a friend would be interested in any of these volunteer positions.

Visit The Path’s website and click on GET CONNECTED to download a Path Volunteer application. We can also mail one to you if you are not able to download the form.

We love and appreciate our volunteers and recognize that we could not do this ministry without you!

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Welcome to the World of RESCUE

Image    At The Path, we refer to ourselves as a “gospel rescue mission.” Many are not familiar with the term, which describes our purpose and what we do.  Many also do not know we are part of a national association—the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions (AGRM). Rescue missions pull people to safety from adverse conditions, and from choices and habits that lead to damage and death. We present people with a gospel that is about life transformation in Jesus. Our programs help people break the bonds of addiction and desperate behavior, and experience healing and wholeness. Our labors of Christian love prepare people to dwell in our communities, and to have meaningful roles leading to stability and purposeful living.

    Gospel is part of our name because our leaders are compelled foremost by Jesus’ instructions to actively care for those in need, and to introduce them to the liberating good news of His kingdom and all it represents. Our name includes rescue because delivering those in need from danger is the critical and consuming first part of a sometimes slow but always exciting journey that leads to new desires, choices, and direction in life.  The word missions is in our name because those in need see each of their structures as a bastion of protection and a refuge from fatigue and failure, similar in concept to those Southwestern sanctuaries built by pioneering padres long ago.

    The Path’s Rescue Mission and Farm Project can address many needs here. We can provide work, training, organically-grown food to the community at all economic levels, a farm co-op, and in the future, even more beneficial opportunities.

    With your help, we can provide these and teach our neighbors to provide for themselves. The often-quoted ancient Chinese maxim still rings true: “Feed a man a fish and he eats for a day—teach him to fish and he eats for a lifetime.” Families become hunger-free when they can provide for themselves. To all our friends and neighbors in Citrus and Marion Counties: Welcome to the world of rescue and thank you for being a part of this community mission.

    In His Service,

    DuWayne and Kathryn Sipper- The Path of Citrus County

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