Stories of Hope from Men and Women at The Path: Mike


Mike is working towards a brand new life.

Men and women in The Path’s work program develop a strong work ethic and skills that help them to re-enter the job market and build independent, productive lives. Mike, one of the men at The Path puts it plainly:  “The Path was one of the few places I could go to that would let me get a job. I like to work. I don’t want to just sit in classes, I want to make a difference.” I’m sure that’s important to you, too!

Twenty years of methamphetamine addiction marked a “slow decline” in Mike’s life, but it never dampened his desire to work. He was making a living remodeling homes, but when his truck and tools were stolen, so were his livelihood…and his hope.

“I became homeless,” Mike recalls. “I couldn’t believe that I had come to this point. I had always been able to hold thingstogether. I had always worked. I think God humbled me and brought me to The Path.”

Since coming to The Path, Mike admits that he’s thinking more clearly because he has overcome his drug addiction and renewed  his trust in the Lord. “I started using drugs 20 years ago when my firstborn passed away. My wife and I used to go to church, but it slowly fell apart,” he remembers. “Today I have Jesus back in my life.”

Mike also has his two surviving sons, now 19, back in his life. “I’m reconnecting with them,” he says. “I’m able to talk to them soberly instead of being numb.”

Attending church and participating in Bible study at The Path made a profound impact on Mike’s recovery.

But there’s another important factor that keeps him focused on his future:  what Mike has been doing through his work at The Path’s bargain stores. He rides in the truck with Kenny McNeil, our store truck driver.

Mike hopes to soon reestablish his career in working with tile and stone. In the meantime, he enjoys the connections he’s able to make with donors like you through our bargain store, picking up donated furniture and dropping it off at the store. “Personally, I’m just thankful!”

“May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us — yes, establish the work of our hands.” – Psalm 90:17

Your gift today will bring life-saving relief from the heat and from homelessness for men like Mike. God bless you & enjoy a safe summer!

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Your gifts have immediate impact to help The Path provide food, clothing, safe shelter and recovery programs that rebuild health, a strong work ethic & strengthen families for men, women and children without a home. 


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