Fresh Food, Locally Grown: The Path Farm

If you are interested in fresh food grown locally without pesticides, then The Path farm co op is a program worth learning more about. The Path grows seasonal vegetables without pesticides on 15 acres of land loaned by a local church, Hernando-Church of the Nazarene. For nearly a decade, the farm has touched our entire community.

Don’t miss out on fresh, pesticides-free kale, lettuces, mustard greens, collard greens, cabbage,  bok choy, broccoli, cauliflower & much more! Call 352-527-6500 x8 to find out about payment plans & how to enroll.

co-op-photoThe Path’s farm provides vegetables, physical exercise and a work program for the men and women at The Path, who participate in all farm and co-op distribution activities. The farm improves recovery with physical exercise, healthy food to combat malnutrition, and better life-skills.  Path clients learn to grow healthy food and then how to
prepare it through The Path’s onsite “Healthy Eating” classes.

The Path Farm Co-op was started during 2010 in response to public demand for fresh vegetables grown without using inorganic chemicals and pesticides. Pickups are weekly on Saturdays, 11:30am-4:30 pm, at The Hernando Farmer’s Market produce stand on Hwy. 41 (just south of Chicken King).

One Co-op member, Diane Kahler from Dunnellon, shares her experience:  I like the idea of getting veggies that don’t have any sprays on them. Yes, there may be a few leaves that the bugs have enjoyed and I’m okay with that. The Path veggies and the farm is a win/win. It teaches folks how to work, how to enjoy seeing the “fruit of the labor”, teaches them how good real, fresh veggies can taste and the memberships give money to the organization for not only the farm but for other projects. Another good thing is that I’m also learning about trying veggies that we didn’t eat in New Jersey. Collards? Never ate them before I got them from The Path…and now I love them. I have my cook books out looking for ways to use the veggies. And eating a lot of veggies is also good for my diabetic husband.”

Weather conditions have a lot to do with the varieties that grow during a season, when each vegetable is ready for harvest, the quantity and how long a particular vegetable is available, and how much food is harvested weekly. Vegetables will vary in size and appearance during the season, looking and tasting similar to those you would grow in your own home garden. The varieties grown at The Path Farm are chosen for flavor and ability to produce well in this climate, and are not expected to look perfect.

Our farmer aims to give you as much quantity and variety available at each weekly harvest and may supplement from time to time– we’ll do our best to inform you.

A variety of membership options and payment plans are now available. Call 352-527-6500 x8 to sign up today. Your participation in The Path Farm Co-op plants seeds of hope to feed the hungry and build a healthier community.


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