3 Ways to Change a Life: Give food. Give shelter. Give hope.

For people like Tom, the gift of a satisfying meal and a warm bed is often the beginning of renewed hope.

Homeless and sleeping in the woods, Tom was beaten and robbed. Hurt and desperate for help, Tom committed a petty crime just for the security of a jail cell.

Jail was the best place for Tom, because that’s where he heard about The Path!  For Tom, The Path was a safe haven from a tough world. Tom plans to stay on for a while once he’s employed so he can save some money, get firmly on his feet and go deeper in his walk with the Lord.

By providing nourishing meals, a peaceful night’s rest or assistance in other areas of service, your online gift today can start someone like Tom on the path to a new life in Christ. And, in our community!

Will you make a generous online gift right now  to help provide nourishing meals, safe shelter and lasting hope to our brothers and sisters in need?

It’s exciting to see men and women at The Path begin to feel hope — especially when their past year was filled with hardship.

Thank you for your prayers as we prepare to care for our hungry and homeless neighbors this busy Thanksgiving season.  Men and women at The Path will surely give thanks for you, too!


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